The Maryland Horse Council represents all participants in Maryland’s horse industry.

The Unwanted Horse Project (“UHP” for short) is a group of concerned members of the Maryland horse community.  The group was formed in response to the 2009 Maryland Horse Forum session on Unwanted Horses.  In 2011 Maryland Horse Council UHP members formed Maryland Fund For Horses as an independent 501(c)(3) charity to carry on the work of the Unwanted Horse Project.

We are:  horse owners, equine business people, rescues, sanctuaries, trainers, farm owners, breeders, state employees, county employees, humane societies and students from all areas of the equine industry.

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Our mission is to brainstorm ideas, investigate and recommend creative solutions for how we as a community can do better to address the needs of unwanted horses.   We share our research and recommendations with the Maryland Horse Council Board of Directors, the Maryland Horse Industry Board, State and local legislatures, the American Horse Council, the GAO, and Horse Welfare organizations elsewhere in the U.S.

While we hope our group’s members will support the MHC by becoming members, anyone who is involved in the Maryland horse industry and wants to join us is welcome to participate and work with Maryland Fund For Horses and the Unwanted Horse Project.


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